About ADSC.

Africa Development and Strategy Centre is a leading multi-disciplinary consulting firm addressing society’s key challenges. We combine our passion and our business professionalism to make a difference in the world.

Our focus

We provide quality strategic advice & development, business analysis & evaluation, partnership consulting & contracts, financial advice & modeling, and investments & fund management

Our Promise

ADSC works hand-in-hand with clients, as a full partner, providing guidance and advice, expert technical assistance, and access to thought leaders throughout the world. We commit to ensure that every client engagement is respectful, productive, efficient, and meaningful

Our Mission.

To promote institutional and human capacities, knowledge transfer, and system strengthening and improvements

ADSC Values.

People and community centered: We value our people, our partners and our clients services

Innovation: We value creativity, innovation and excellence in everything we do

Integrity: We value honesty, transparency and seeking to do the right thing

Together: We value team work, collaboration and diversity in all its forms

Leadership: We value our independence, our objectivity, independent thinking and creative problem solving

ADSC helps you deliver results by carefully balancing the ends, ways and means at your disposal.


SUSTAINABILITY is shaping our business every day; it is at the heart of Africa Development and Strategy Centre’s values. In years to come, we believe that the only truly successful businesses will be those that achieve a sustainable balance between their own interests and those of society and the natural world.
Our aim is to create a successful, sustainable company for the long term. To achieve this we need to balance economic, social and environmental issues in our decision- making processes, ensuring sustainable working are integrated into the very core of our business.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We have a deep and longstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in business, in society, and within our firm.

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