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We match local expertise and technical specialists with the available resources in order to address the challenge. We provide expert advice and support to deliver change. Our practical solutions are crafted to make a real difference to the world we live in, however small or large.

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Technical Assistance

We provide specialised services and expert advice across a broad range of thematic sectors

Energy Consultancy

Our energy consultancy team is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions in all aspects of energy management.  Whether it is setting an energy strategy, providing assistance and advice on compliance with energy regulatory requirements, independent input and auditing on improvement of energy efficiency, our highly skilled consultants can deliver the required services. Our multidisciplinary team can get your renewable energy projects through the planning stage. Across our services; covering the environment, energy, landscaping and planning, we have the perfect team to carry out almost all studies and reports in-house to get your project through to construction phase

Enviromental Services

Offering our clients a diverse skill set from our environmental consultants and a complete array of environmental services covering air, land, and water. From landmark remediation projects to local waste management solutions, we leverage knowledge and expertise to share best practices to add value to client organisations and reduce their risk on projects. Our technical experts can assist with; Standard Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Environmental Audits (EA) audits, permits and approvals as well as more specialised requests in areas such as habitat assessment, GIS, risk assessment and information management. Combining our expertise with a sector-driven approach, we can provide the right professionals with an in-depth understanding of your industry and the specific regulatory issues you face.

Financial & Risk Management Services

ADSC has assembled extensive personnel, research, and program delivery capability in Financial Management, Governance and Accountability. We provide expert consulting and training services to assist public and private sector clients in solving important financial/fiscal management and governance issues they face and establishing effective and efficient management and governance processes. We assist in the generation and reporting of best-practice financial and managerial information to promote greater investor confidence in business resulting in increased domestic and foreign investment.


Programme Management

ADSC provide expert programme management services including programme design, promotion and communication, contracting and performance management, assurance and payments, monitoring and evaluation, as well as programme management capacity building.


Performance Monitoring

We assist with monitoring and improving performance at the individual, project and institutional levels.

We have a range of evidence based approaches and methodologies, drawing upon qualitative and quantitative data capture and analysis through remote and in-person data collection.

This helps organisations achieve their goals, and project and grants be implemented more effectively


Training, Learning and Capacity Building

ADSC’s Training & Development service is an international full-service training solutions provider. We build organisational capacity in public and private sectors, identifying support requirements through diagnostic assessments of individuals, institutions and the wider environment. This analytical approach drives our capacity building responses, using varied traditional and innovative techniques including classroom training, on-the-job mentoring, seminars, e-learning and peer-to-peer support.

Our dedicated team of professionals includes project managers, training specialists, engineers, technical writers, technical illustrators, editors, publishers, and computer programmers.   We offer a wide range of competency-based training courses, seminars and workshops as well as developing programs “on-demand.”

ADSC Courses

Event Management- Workshops & Seminars

We offer workshops to build skills in specific topics to suit needs of clients.

At ADSC we integrate digital technologies to deliver impactful events of all sizes on a local, national or international scale. From workshops, seminars and community events to highest-level official summits, we organise hundreds of highly successful and tailored events.

Supply Change Management

At ADSC, we’re committed to delivering real results fast so that our customers can quickly achieve a high return on their investments. Our world-class Services organization can help you obtain maximum value from your ADSC solutions, freeing you to concentrate on achieving supply chain excellence. We have dedicated teams of highly experienced supply chain professionals ready to work with you to ensure that your applications perform at optimal levels at all times.
ADSC Services offers value-added capabilities to support customers at every phase of the business lifecycle.


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